March 30, 2021

What you need to know to get a travel insurance if you have a health condition

Did you read about the case of Canada’s Million Dollar Baby? Jennifer Huculak-Kimmel was denied her travel insurance and ended up with a debt of nearly $1 million after she delivered her baby on a vacation in the USA. Since the holidays are here, and you are all planning for a great vacation, we thought you’d like to know a few details about travel insurance and travelling with a pre-existing condition.

What is a Pre-existing Condition?

Any ailment or medical condition that is known to the patient before or at the time of seeking a medical or health insurance policy is generally called as a pre-existing condition.

Why is it Important?

The premium for a general medical insurance is lesser than that of a medical insurance with a pre condition. Insurance claims can be denied if pre conditions are not disclosed to the insurance company in the interest of paying lesser premium amount. This is the reason why a full medical checkup is necessary before obtaining a medical insurance policy.

Which is the Frequent and Most Relevant Context?

The most frequent and relevant context of obtaining a pre-condition medical insurance is when you are traveling out on a long distance with a known medical condition. If you are on a holiday, traveling to exotic locations, it is necessary that you must obtain one. Any pre-condition needs to be tested and certified by a doctor. Sometimes the condition does not show up in native environments but might lead to hospitalization when you are somewhere exotic on a holiday. This includes allergies and other immune problems. Thus if you are going a long way for vacation, make sure to consult your doctor and dissect any possible allergies before getting a travel insurance.

Pregnancy and Travel

Although the standard gestation for humans is nine to ten months, premature child births are increasingly seen nowadays. It is also common for the mother to want to take a vacation before the child is born. In that case, pregnant women must take a pre-existing condition travel insurance with a full medical checkup. If any such event happens, one could use the insurance to protect from heavy bills charged in foreign currency.