March 30, 2021

Tips for travellers with diabetes

Whether you’re going on a business trip or a vacation, a successful trip always requires some planning. This is especially important for travelers with preexisting health conditions such as diabetes. Without proper planning, a cancelled or delayed flight might cause a number of difficulties and might even result in illnesses. Here are some useful tips to help you plan for a safe and successful trip:

Speak to your doctor/healthcare team – You must go for a general check-up at least two to three weeks before you leave for the trip. Your doctor can not only determine your fitness for travel but also help you figure out the best way to plan for safe travel.

Make sure you let your healthcare team in on your itinerary so that you get proper guidance on planning for your meals and medication. This is especially important for those traveling to different countries through different time zones.

In case you need to get vaccinated before leaving, try to get the necessary vaccination at least a month before the trip. This will give you enough time to handle any problems or side effects.

Medication Records – Be sure to get a detailed list of all the medications you are taking along with their generic names. Make a note of the dosages and timings as well. In case you are using insulin, keep a record of the type of insulin and the dosage. Whether you’re using long-acting, intermediate, short-acting, or rapid-acting insulin; make sure you have this on record.

It’s important to carry with you a medical letter, which states that you are allowed to carry your medicines and medical supplies. Some airlines and countries ask for this letter before allowing a person on a flight. Needles and syringes are particularly problematic in these cases.

Identification and insurance – It would be a good idea to carry some identification explaining your condition. This would come in handy in case there comes a time that you are unable to give the information and instructions yourself. Also, consider getting a travel insurance policy that would cover you in case of medical emergencies. Be sure to get a policy that gives coverage for diabetes and other preexisting health conditions.