March 30, 2021

Thinking about getting health and dental insurance?

According to a study by the Wellesley Institute, a third of Ontario employees currently do not receive any medical or dental benefits through their workplace. The study further reported that female employees in Ontario are less likely to have benefits through work. Currently, 58 percent of women are covered versus 67 percent of men.

Not having access to medical or dental benefits can be troublesome. ?When an emergency situation arises, such as a toothache that may require surgery, or when you need to purchase medication on an on-going basis, having medical and dental insurance can be very valuable.

It can be hard to cover the cost of unexpected medical and dental surgeries ? a simple root canal can range anywhere from $700 onwards, that without including the crown or factoring in any complications. ?Prescription medical can start at $30 onwards, and depending on the frequency you must take it, the cost can add up quite quickly.

The best option to take care of your health is to buy private medical or dental insurance that covers services and medication that are not covered under your provincial plan. There are various plans that suit varying health and dental needs. Speak to one of our agents to help select a plan that works for you.