March 30, 2021

Recipe for a happy and healthy 2016!

There is a common saying, that health is your greatest wealth. The New Year is a common time where people make resolutions to improve their health. Here are some tips for better health this year:

1) Drink Water

Drink plenty of water every day. Drinking adequate water helps to keep the bodys fluid balance, transport nutrients in the body, digest food, and more. Swap your sugary afternoon juice run or coffee run for some water mixed with mint, lemon or strawberries.

2) Exercise

Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can work wonders for your health. Aim to squeeze in 30 minutes a day. Some other ways to add some exercise in your day is to walk to a few of your errands, use the stairs instead of the elevator when possible and do some stretching while you are watching a television show.

3) Get Regular Checkups

Prevention is always better than treating an illness. Make sure you schedule regular visits to your dentist for dental cleanings and annual exams with your doctor. More frequent visits should be scheduled if you are experiencing any problems. If you do not have dental coverage, investing in dental insurance is a great way to ensure you can protect both your health and your wallet.

4) Fill your prescriptions

Some Canadians do not fill their prescriptions for a variety of reasons – one of the key reasons being that they do not have a drug plan that covers the cost. Be proactive and make sure you look into getting a drug plan that may cover part of the cost of your prescription medication. If you dont have coverage, think about getting a healthcare plan, which offers supplementary coverage for any medical needs that are not covered by provincial healthcare.

We wish you a healthy 2016! For more information on plans, pricing, and the best options for you, contact our advisors at (416) 321 6000.