March 30, 2021

How to become a good insurance advisor

Becoming a successful insurance advisor is not only about being a good salesperson. Although selling is an important aspect, it is not the key to achieving success. To become truly successful, you only need to master a few basic techniques that are crucial for winning over your clients. Let’s take a look at those techniques so you can implement them in your career as an insurance advisor:

  1. Give your 100% – When dealing with clients or prospects, it is important that you are physically and mentally present. Avoid distracting yourself with other tasks or thoughts, as this can hamper the way you respond or deal with their queries. Also, this helps you show that you are paying attention and your clients are worth your time and energy.
  2. Listen to understand – A lot of people (even in day-to-day interactions with others) make the mistake of listening just to give a suitable respond. This can be particularly harmful for an insurance advisor’s career.Instead of simply responding to your client/prospect’s queries, try to listen and understand to their queries. This can help you raise suitable questions and learn more about them.
  3. Acknowledge their emotional needs – In the life of an insurance advisor, forming a close bond and relationship with clients is one of utmost importance. And for this, you need to learn to identify and acknowledge what your client/prospect is feeling about certain events or situations.For instance, try to listen carefully and see if you can recognize signs of emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, or excitement when your client is talking about a specific situation.
  4. Relate to them – One helpful way of winning over prospective clients is to give them a clear yet concise perspective about certain situations. You could try sharing your experiences or knowledge about those issues.This allows them to look at their issues through different lenses. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to help them come up with effective and innovative solutions.
    It’s always crucial for an insurance advisor to emulate confidence when interacting with their clients and prospects. The more you trust yourself, the more your clients will learn to trust you too.