Your family’s needs are unique. Get the right coverage at the right price.

We understand how important your family’s security is to you and how much they matter. That’s way we go the extra mile for you.

We customize our life insurance to the specific needs of your family, ensuring you get the right coverage at the right price.

The right life insurance plan to take care of your loved ones forever.

Keep your loved ones lives on track without ever making them sacrifice the quality of their lifestyle. Protect your family and assure their financial security with the right life insurance plan to take care of your loved ones forever.

With a range of life insurance plans in our portfolio, we are here to help you define and decide the right life insurance coverage to fit your pocket and needs. Plan your and your loved ones’ future while you are young, prosper and healthy. Get in touch with our experts to discuss options and request a life Insurance quote online for free.

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Protect your family and your loved ones even in times with high financial risks. A term insurance is an insurance plan you can tailor made to your needs, time frame and budget. Offering you a coverage at a fixed rate for a limited amount of time, the insurance can be change or renew after the terms end. A term insurance offers you lowest initial costs compared to the other life insurance plans.


Prepare for the unexpected and support your family just as you do now even after your death. Plan your financial security for the long term so you can live your life freely. Our permanent life insurance plan offers you a life insurance coverage as long as you live and pay the whole plan out in an unexpected event. Start while you are younger as premiums on permanent life insurance plans get higher for older clients.


Map out your plan to protect your family and your asset in the future. Combining a lifetime insurance coverage with the long-term growth potential of tax-advantaged, a universal life insurance is an insurance option that offers you flexibility. The plan is lifelong and only a portion of your premium purchases your insurance, while the rest earns tax-deferred interest.


If you are looking for a lifetime protection and a significant saving potential, Participating life insurance plans are the best option for you. The plan is a combination of life insurance protection and an opportunity to build up a cash reserve to use in a financial emergency. At Inforce Life, we help you from A to Z providing advice on choosing the best Participating Life insurance plans for you.


Assure your family’s financial stability in an unfortunate event. With a whole life insurance plan, you get the premium coverage during your life of the policy. With tax-free benefits for beneficiaries when you passed away, the insurance only cost you for a limited amount of time and never again and the premiums are guaranteed to be the same.