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Have you ever thought what will happen to your family if an unfortunate life-challenging illness or an injury comes your way? Paying medical bills and support your family while out of work is challenging. But not if you have planned a health insurance policy today with us which can make a world of difference.

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Regular check-ups with your dentist will contribute to a radiant smile. However, even the regular dental check-ups can be expensive. And when your teeth need a little bit of extra care you’ll definitely feel a pinch. Plan your dental insurance coverage with Inforce Life, one of the trusted insurance brokers in Toronto and enjoy dental health without hurting your pocket.


Cover your vision care expenses without disrupting your cash flow. Offering you high-quality vision insurance options which help you cover your bills from eye diseases to eyewear and contact lenses our experts will advise you the best plan for your needs. Map your vision insurance plan with one of the best health insurance brokers in Toronto for better benefits.


You never know what happens tomorrow. What health hazards will come in your way which might need extra coverage than what’s covered by provincial healthcare. As such comes an extended health care insurance with a trusted insurance broker in Toronto comes in handy. With an extended health care plan, you can cover your unexpected expenses in a time of trouble.

Some examples of services covered under this type of a package are:

Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs

If you are suffering from a condition that requires a prescription, a Prescription drugs insurance plan can be a huge asset. Once you subscribe to the plan you’ll receive a coverage for any prescriptions needed. To stop pulling money out of your pocket for your medical prescriptions, contact us and request a health insurance quote for free.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness

Critical illnesses always come with a financial cost. Critical Illness insurance plans help to cover any costs associated when diagnosed with a life-altering disease. If diagnosed with an illness covered in the policy and in the event that the insured survives the waiting period, they will be awarded a lump sum payment. For more information on all illnesses covered, please contact Inforce Life

Long-term care

Long-term care

When you or a loved one has a debilitating disease or disability and needs extra care for an extended period of time, a long-term care product is the easiest way to pay for your medical bills and necessities. Contact our experts to plan your long-term care insurance plan today.



Injuries can happen anywhere, even at work. Plan your family’s financial security for times you have to take a time off the job due to a work-related injury with one of the best insurance brokers in Toronto and get replace your salary for up to 6 months. Plan your health insurance plan with Inforce Life. Contact us for more information.